Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A whole year of funk?

Wow. I knew I was in a bit of a funk, but a whole year?

That sucks. I sure hope its past me now. I really want to move on to good things.

Retirement should be good for my art right?

Fingers crossed......

Its not really been a whole year of funk, but it has been a year of struggling with my muse. The Athens Art group was part of the thing to help me get past it. And it did. I have created and I have learned and loved it. I've just been a very bad girl and not kept my blog up.'s to more blogging and sharing with my online art friends.

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Cynthia Lee said...

Hi Mary,
I was excavating files and papers from a metal filing cabinet I was getting rid of the other day. I'm still going through papers from the two-drawer industrial strength metal file cabinet, but the cabinet is now gone and has provided me enough space to create a sunny, hanging-plant laden reading corner, complete with reading chair and matching hassock. They are upholstered in a floral print. ANYWAY, I came across your pen and ink drawing of a bird during the excavation. I had made several copies. It is an exquisite drawing. Just wanted to let you know how talented I think--and know--you are. Love, Cynthia