Monday, November 24, 2008

I only have another week....

I have 3 Christmas packages to get out soon. The bulk of them will be art and/or handmade. So...the heat is on. I can't share pictures because well....because they're a secret. So I have to bear all the frustrations and failures all by my little lonesome. I was feeling quite blocked for awhile there, but my mind seems to have cleared some and I'm making progress.

I'm having loads of fun with one "fun" gift. I made a prototype and it turned out well, so now I'm onto the "real" gift. Its fun and quirky and....! Nothing artsy about it.

So this weekend was devoted mostly to these gift packages, which will consist of a large or larger item and several small things. I've got 2 of the big things totally done. No big gift yet for the 3rd package. I'm still deciding what to do on that one.

Of the smaller items. One gift, a large drawing isn't panning out too well. I actually like it, but its not turning out to give the mood its supposed to. So...I may have to start all over. Tho I'll save this for later. A second piece, same size is watercolor and ink; it's turning out well. I've got the watercolor washes down and just need to add the ink work. This is the time consuming part, but I can work at it in fits and spurts. And then there is the fun piece. Again something I can work on it fits and spurts, so I work on it when I need a break on the others.

I only have another week to get them in the mail. Oh geez.....I only have another week.