Monday, July 13, 2009

Journey of the Moleys IV

I'm almost done with the journey of the moleys. I've just finished this one and there is only one more to do for this group. Note that I've already signed up for a new one! But it won't start until Sept, so I'll have a short break anyway.

The theme of this moley was "Sea", so I incorporated a scene from a trip to the Washington State/Oregon coast in one section and added a cutaway underwater scene featuring 2 seahorses.

I find water difficult to do. I'm relatively pleased with the resulting watery effect, but hopefully with practice I'll get much better. I've also been experimenting with Prismacolor markers (and a few other brands too), so thought I'd try using markers as my base layer (I usually use watercolour) and then do the inking on top.

I've also noticed previously that some markers made my pencil outline messy, so after I put down my pencil outline, I used a 10% grey color to outline over that, then went back and erased all the pencil that I could. It worked quite well.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Journey of the Moleys III

My latest moleskin entry was for a theme "a little bit about yourself" for Bex

I've been playing with image transfers off and on so thought I'd incorporate a few here too. So the photo of the cottage that hubby and I built and the puppy is using gel medium image transfer. The puppy transfer is from an ATC of watercolor and pen that I made earlier in the year.

The background and other oval images are watercolor and ink. The original intent with the background was to use circles to represent family. I come from a large family, so there were to be lots of circles. Somehow in the process circles morphed into ovals as the shapes seemed to work better. But when I was painting the background they started to look like jelly beans so I went with that. Ironically jelly beans have a meaning for me too.

Bill and I usually take Jelly Belly jelly beans with us when we go camping and we have a few around the campfire. So...jelly beans they are. But family they are too. Lots of flavors. So the double meaning works. Silly, I know, but hey....
The other ovals are the types of things that I love. Birds, animals, nature in general.

The moley I'm working on now is on the theme "Sea". I've sketched and erased so many ideas. But now I've settled on one. But you'll have to wait for that one.