Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A whole year of funk?

Wow. I knew I was in a bit of a funk, but a whole year?

That sucks. I sure hope its past me now. I really want to move on to good things.

Retirement should be good for my art right?

Fingers crossed......

Its not really been a whole year of funk, but it has been a year of struggling with my muse. The Athens Art group was part of the thing to help me get past it. And it did. I have created and I have learned and loved it. I've just been a very bad girl and not kept my blog up.'s to more blogging and sharing with my online art friends.

Athens Art Group

Monday was sadly the last day of the Athen's Art Group for the season.

I've so enjoyed this day each week. Its been a big part of getting me back into creative mode.

I have a few unfinished pieces from the class as well, but this one is finally done.

Acrylic 8x10