Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A whole year of funk?

Wow. I knew I was in a bit of a funk, but a whole year?

That sucks. I sure hope its past me now. I really want to move on to good things.

Retirement should be good for my art right?

Fingers crossed......

Its not really been a whole year of funk, but it has been a year of struggling with my muse. The Athens Art group was part of the thing to help me get past it. And it did. I have created and I have learned and loved it. I've just been a very bad girl and not kept my blog up.'s to more blogging and sharing with my online art friends.

Athens Art Group

Monday was sadly the last day of the Athen's Art Group for the season.

I've so enjoyed this day each week. Its been a big part of getting me back into creative mode.

I have a few unfinished pieces from the class as well, but this one is finally done.

Acrylic 8x10

Friday, April 16, 2010

aaaaaaaaaaaand, a moleskin journal spread

The theme was women. I wanted to somehow depict how a woman is so many things...wife, lover, mother........ This only touches on it, but I only had 3 pages!

A few of my recent ATCs

I'm catching up on my commitments finally. Might as well catch up on blogging too.

For a private trade, I made a Gambel's quail. I just love these guys, Bill and I see them when we go to Portal Arizona and they're so much fun to watch.

Here are some cards I made for a Tribute to Tim Burton swap. Silly, but oooooh so much fun.

Then there was a Dark Disney Princesses swap. Another silly but fun topic.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Forced retirement and my art

Well, since my job is ending in a few months, it looks like I'll be looking at a sort of "forced retirement". It may be interesting to see how my art is affected by this. Over the last few months, the not knowing has certainly been rough on my poor muse. She'd been hiding for some time. that I know, at least I can look forward. More time on my hands should mean more art. I hope it means time to take some art classes and go to more live model drawing sessions and just plain do more of the things that nurture my soul.

I hope...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Getting "in the groove"

Now that winter is past, I seem to have some mojo back. Its a relief really. I was actually getting scared that I'd lost it.

So what I've mostly done is just a few quick and fun projects, but its helped.

These were for an ATC swap titled eVil Cute. Morbid huh? They were fun to make. I think we all have some capacity for evil in us, even if it just comes down to silly things like this.

This is an acrylic 3 page spread for a traveling moleskin journal group that I'm in. The theme was texture. OK, so this one wasn't quick. But it was fun.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My moley is home!

My first traveling moleskin journal book has arrived safely home. And I must say, its absolutely, stunningly, gorgeous in hand. It feels so incredibly special to me. I sure hope that all the artists that contributed to it realize that.

The artists in the group were
(1) my entry pages
(2) Bex (3) Wendy (4) alteredmommy
(5) adriayna (6) eggstudio (7) arteeztmom

Isn't it gorgeous?!?